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fresh (fresh) adj. fresh·er, fresh·est. Recently made, produced, or harvested;


Why use fresh pasta?

Homemakers, as with foodservice professionals, demand quality ingredients. Fresh is key to everyone's culinary success. Dry pasta can not match the flexibility of taste, flavor and variety that fresh pasta offers.

Why buy from is different than the majority of online pasta purveyors. We are not promoting our supermarket retail line for home delivery, nor are we a small "mom and pop" Italian market. We are a state of the art food processing facility with over 50 combined years of experience in the pasta industry. We offer factory direct, premium restaurant quality fresh pasta with the convenience of ordering from home.

How are's products different from most supermarket retail brands?

It is all in how you define "fresh". We define fresh as recently made, produced or harvested. ships pasta within hours of producing. It is not in transit to some distribution point, or sitting on some supermarket shelf waiting to be purchased. Our products are made to order, especially for you.

Can we get something that is not on the list? will try to accommodate special requests on an individual basis. Email us directly, or give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Do I have to order online?

No. Simply print out our offline order form. Fill in quantities desired, totals, payment and delivery information, then fax, mail, or call us directly at 310-410-0001.

How can I get FREE pasta?

It's simple.  Just join our FREE PASTA CLUB and receive notices of upcoming promotions and special offers on gifts for the holidays and much more. believes that with great pasta comes great service. Any questions or concerns please contact us by phone at (800)747-2782, or email us.

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